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Our Gaming PC Repair Solutions

  1. Software Configuration - Hardware Repair of Gaming Computers.

  2. Motherboard - Graphics Card, GPU.

  3. Power Supply - Booting Issues, BIOS.

  4. Liquid Spills - RAM, CPU Upgrade.

Techmint provides dependable and rapid support throughout the gaming computer repair process, keeping clients informed via phone or email and providing clear visuals of the gaming computer.


Gaming PC Diagnostic Service: Find & Fix Problems with Your Computer


Thorough Examination of Hardware and Software Components:
A key element of maintaining the reliability, safety, and functionality of technological systems is the accurate assessment of hardware & software parts. This examination in software includes a complete code review, an analysis of algorithms, & risk & bug testing. Software is carefully analyzed using a variety of approaches, including dynamic testing, penetration testing, and static analysis. In contrast, hardware inspection involves physically inspecting parts like as memory modules, CPUs, and peripheral devices in order to find wear, flaws, or possible sources of failure.

Our diagnostic service can help identify and fix a variety of common Gaming PC issues such as:

  • Failure to boot up

  • Power on issues

  • Blank or Black screen

  • Blue Screens

  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Slow performance and freezing

  • Unresponsive applications

  • Overheating Issues

  • BIOS upgrades and configuration

  • Audio, video, and mic issues

  • External devices not connecting properly

  • Software Issues related to Windows or Games

  • Dead Gaming PCs or DOA


How to prevent from extra damage

In PC repair, the most common factor influencing an operating system's state is essentially preventing more harm, particularly when considering how to prolong the life of a device. When using electricity, excessive shock might harm the hardware, therefore if you see any visible signs of malfunctioning or broken components, you should immediately shut down the computer. To mitigate this issue and stop it from propagating to other infrastructures, unplug network devices and other connections. When doing repairs, it may be quite beneficial to have the right instruments to prevent bodily harm from occurring from touching the different components. Before beginning any task, gather all the important information so you don't run the danger of accidentally losing important files.


Cleaning and Maintenance of Gaming Computers

With our detailed cleaning & maintenance services, you can keep your gaming PC operating at its highest performance.


Optimizing Heat Discharge with High-Grade Thermal Paste Application:      

Optimizing the distribution of heat is essential for effective system operation. Thermal conductivity is decreased by applying high-grade thermal paste, which provides ideal heat transmission between components & heat sinks. Heat is efficiently spread by carefully spreading the paste in thin, homogeneous layers that optimize thermal conductivity. Through increased cooling efficiency, component lifespans are extended & system stability is improved under high workloads.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services for Gaming PCs:

For gaming PCs, cleaning & maintenance services ensure lifespan & maximum efficiency. These services include regular software upgrades to improve system performance, careful fan & heat sink cleaning, & complete component dusting. Our experts remove all dirt & grime from your computer by carefully cleaning every component , Each component is carefully inspected. With proper maintenance, expensive gaming set may last longer & avoid overheating & hardware malfunctions, allowing players to play for longer periods of time without worrying about malfunctioning hardware.

Advantages of Maintaining & Cleaning Your Gaming Computer:

There are several benefits to giving your gaming PC routine maintenance & cleaning. By reducing the buildup of dust, which may lead to overheating & hardware damage, it guarantees peak performance. The cleaning increases component life & lowers the need for expensive replacements.  It improved airflow from a well-maintained system resulting in operation & higher cooling efficiency. In general, spending time on maintenance leads to more seamless gaming sessions & long-term financial savings.


Gaming PC Hardware Upgrades

Enhanced Gaming Performance:

Improved gaming performance includes better frame rates, lower latency, enhanced graphics rendering, & an all-around better gameplay experience. Gamers may now experience rich graphics, quick controls, & faster loading times thanks to advanced hardware & software enhancements. By maximizing fun & competition, this technological connection pushes the limits of game perfection.

Improved Multitasking and Productivity:

Multitasking has improved with the rise of simplified task management software & effective scheduling applications, increasing productivity. Including AI-powered assistants helps with work organization, deadline setting goals, & distraction reduction. Improved platforms for collaboration make communication easier & increase team productivity. By using these developments, both people & groups become more productive & are able to handle various jobs with ease.

Faster Loading Times:

Reduced wait times, more engagement & higher retention rates are all benefits of faster loading times for users. Quick page rendering is facilitated by moved quickly content delivery networks, effective caching techniques, & optimized code. Modern customers want rapid availability & easy surfing, while mobile responsiveness & lightweight design increase loading.

Common hardware upgrades for Gaming PC Computers:

  • Graphics Card Upgrade (GPU)

  • Memory RAM Upgrade

  • Storage Upgrade (HDD, SSD)

  • Cooling and Water Cooling System Upgrade

  • Hard Drive Cloning and Upgrades

  • BIOS Upgrades and Configuration

  • Case Upgrades

  • CPU / Processor Upgrades

  • Gaming PC PSU / Power Supply Installation, Configuration, and Cable Management

  • Fan Installation and Configuration


GPU Diagnostic - GPU Repair

Expert GPU Repair Services for all Gaming Computer


Is Your GPU in Need of Repair?

Graphical defects, screen flickering, overheating, & system failures are indicators that the GPU isn't working properly. To solve minor difficulties, make sure the fans are working properly, clear up any dust, & check for current drivers. In order to restore maximum functionality & stop more damage, expert repair may be required if issues continue.

Professional and Efficient GPU Repair Services

Expert & effective GPU repair services provide quick fixes for broken graphics processing units. Skilled technicians identify problems & fix them quickly, saving customers as much downtime as possible. These services put an emphasis on high-quality repairs, restoring GPUs to peak performance with the use of cutting-edge instruments & methods. They provide organizations & people alike peace of mind since they are dependable & trustworthy.


For Trustworthy & Effective Gaming PC Repair Services, Put Your Trust in Us:

Look no more than Techmint LLC for reliable & cost-effective gaming PC repair services. Having established a solid reputation for dependability & knowledge, Techmint LLC guarantees that your gaming setup is in good hands. Their group of experienced technicians can quickly & accurately fix your gaming PC so you can resume your session. They have extensive experience in the detailed inner workings of gaming PCs. Whether it's performance optimization, software bugs, or hardware issues.

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