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Regarding your access to and use of the Techmint website as well as any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (collectively, the "Site"), you as well, whether personally or on behalf of an entity ("you") and Techmintllc  ("Company", "we", "us", or "our") have entered into a legally binding agreement through these Terms of Use. The website offers the following commodities, items, and/or services as part of its online marketplace: Computer assistance (the "Marketplace Offerings"). To contribute to the Site's security as a venue for the buying and selling of Marketplace Offerings, All users must agree to these terms of use, which are included in the User Agreement that is displayed on the Site, and abide by them. You acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agree to be bound by all of these Terms of Use by using the Site and/or the Marketplace Offerings. You are expressly prohibited from using the website and/or marketplace offerings if you do not agree to all of these terms of use. You must stop using the website right away.

Prior to using any of the resources, features, or services provided by this website, you must read this agreement and accept all of its terms, conditions, and obligations. Accessing any part of this website, using any tools, features, or services, signing up as a member, or viewing any text or graphics on this website explicitly and unambiguously indicates that you have read this Agreement and accept to be bound by its terms and conditions. If you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, you must immediately exit this site.

Service Schedules and Associated Data
Any time and without previous warning, changes or cancellations to service plans are possible. Techmint reserve the right to terminate service at any moment and without prior notice for any reason they, in their sole discretion, think fit.
As our customer, you acknowledge that you are financially liable for any services provided. Additionally, you consent to not asking for "charge-backs" or to have any fees or service charges made using your credit card canceled.
The subscription support plans are non-refundable and call for a twelve-month commitment.

Customers may cancel at any time after the first year within thirty (30) days prior written notice. Applications training is not supported by the subscription plans, nor do they cover accounting, financial, database, CAD/CAM, or comparable applications.

You specifically give up the right to contest the quality of the service and any related refusal to pay our service and related charges if you are unhappy with the work completed. Please send your complaint by email to support@techmintllc.com within seven calendar days of the service being performed. We promise to address the concerns raised by your written complaint and take appropriate action in response as quickly as we can. Arbitration, as described below, shall be required and binding for all unresolved complaints.

Failed Service Attempts


We shall take all reasonable steps to determine the nature of the problem(s) that require our professional attention and to discover, analyze, and repair any errors or issues that arise. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that, despite our best efforts, we will be able to properly handle the issues you have entrusted us with inspecting and repairing. As a result, even if we use all reasonable efforts to create actual remedies, you are still accountable and must pay us for our time attempting to repair your difficulties.


Support Ticket

When a registered customer contacts techmint, a ticket is produced in the Techmint Support Portal on their behalf. Once a support request is opened, the customer will receive an email immediately. Suppose the agent can address the question or issue over the phone / remotely without requiring more research or reproduction. In that case, the ticket will be closed on the support portal with a summary of the solution provided over the phone / remote session. If the agent requires further attention to follow up on the support ticket, the support ticket will be marked as OPEN.

Support ticket Process

When an agent follows up with the customer to resolve an open ticket with a proposed solution and the customer is unavailable, the ticket will remain open for the following five (5) days in the event of a One support plan and three (3) days in the case of an annual or business plan. Unless the customer has told support technicians that the problem is unresolved, the ticket will be automatically tagged as Solved at the end of that time. When a ticket is closed, it is archived and cannot be reopened. Archived cases are saved in the Support Portal as part of the customer history and can be viewed for reference. Service names, trademarks, service marks, and other intellectual property are examples of intellectual property. Without our prior written consent, you are not permitted to use our trademarks, name, or other features of our numerous pieces of intellectual property in any manner, including advertising, publicity, or any commercial or non-commercial nature.

Right to Refuse, Suspend or Terminate Service

We reserve the right to refuse, suspend, or terminate service to any user for any reason we consider appropriate in our sole discretion without prior notice. We will typically suspend, terminate, or refuse service if we determine that a user is using a computer system improperly or illegally, violating the rights of privacy or publicity, providing indecent or obscene content, violating the civil rights of others, defaming a third party or entity, publishing "hate" or intolerant material, or threatening or harassing others. However, we reserve the right to suspend, reject, or terminate service for any reason we deem appropriate in our sole discretion.

Expiration of Service

We have the right to cancel any prepaid and unused professional time and services that remain on your account if they are not used within a year of the original purchase date. Unused professional time and benefits will expire and no longer be valid or refunded. We have no liability to notify you of our decision to expire the unused professional time or services or any impending expiration.

Minimum Requirements for Service

To get service, you must have a broadband or high-speed Internet connection, and your computer must be actively connected to the Internet via broadband or high-speed connection at all times; service is rendered or will be rendered by us. During all service periods, you must also have a registered, valid copy of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 7 installed as your system's running software. While performing repair, diagnosis, downloading software, or otherwise installing repair-related materials, your computer must be connected and operational. You must allow us to download and install recommended software, including software that will require you to pay a license charge if there is insufficient freeware available. You will be responsible for all licensing costs and registrations for the same. You also agree that we may uninstall any software that causes conflicts or that we believe to be dangerous or otherwise detrimental to your computer's proper functioning or operation. We will try to obtain your prior approval before installing or deleting the software. However, you agree that we may delete and/or install software at our sole discretion without your prior consent if we believe it is in your best interest. You agree to hold us harmless from any loss/failure of any kind relating to our deletion and/or installation of software on your computer.
You may be required to deactivate your User Account Control if you have Microsoft Vista installed on your computer (UAC). If you disable your UAC, you understand that your computer may be vulnerable to malware and other harmful programs and scripts during the short period that we are accessing your computer. You agree to hold us harmless from any failure and/or losses resulting from your computer's susceptibility arising from your temporary disabling of your UAC or your failure to correctly and promptly reestablish your UAC protections. You promise to promptly reactivate your UAC as instructed by us when our access to your computer expires.

General Site Rules

Clients, site members, and visitors may not:

a) violate the law of any jurisdiction. while accessing our site or using any service or tool that we provide, 
b)  Harass or cyberstalk anyone.
c) Carry out any activity we deem destructive or harmful to our site.
d) Post any material or content that violates any jurisdiction's laws, which is indecent, defamatory, obscene, hateful, blasphemous, or intolerant.
e) Upload any content dangerous to our users' systems or objectionable/abhorrent to our entire community.
f) Represent oneself as another person or a representative of a business or entity you do not represent.
g) Represent your professional or corporate credentials or professional history incorrectly.


To use this site or become a client of this site, you must be of adult age in your jurisdiction. In any case, no member or user may be under 18. Parents or guardians of minors may enlist as members on behalf of their minor wards/children. However, they are entirely responsible for the direct supervision of their minors while they visit the website or use any of the services/tools provided.
Policies, rules, and guidelines may be posted. When such items are dispatched from time to time, they are automatically incorporated by reference into this Agreement as if fully set forth herein.
The following are some regulations that members or users cannot break:
a) Racially biased, intolerant, "hate," defamatory, "stalking," invites to fight, threatening, or any other post that we deem inappropriate and offensive in our sole discretion will result in membership termination without prior notice.
b) Spamming: Any conduct that the Internet community classifies as "spamming," such as unsolicited mass emails, or irrelevant or commercially based postings for any reason, will result in the member's membership being canceled with no prior notice.

Any user has the right to cancel their membership or use this site anytime. We reserve the right to cancel any person's or entity's membership or usage at any time for any reason we deem appropriate and proper, with no prior notice to the person or entity whose use or membership is being terminated.
We have also published a privacy statement. The privacy policy is hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference as if fully set forth herein.

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